Vitiligo Treatment Natural Way Remedy

Vitiligo Treatment Natural Way Remedy

Vitiligo affects one percent population of the world. Vitiligo is white patches and white spots on the skin due to breaking up of pigment cell or melanocytes. When the melanocytes are broken up then no more pigment formed in these areas.

“Vitiligo often appears between the ages of seven and twenty-five.”

Common affected areas of white skin spots are finger, face, eyes, hair, joint, wrist and the area around the moles of the body. The main causes of vitiligo are immune problem, diabetes, thyroid problem, pernicious anemia, stress, alopecia areata and have a family history of white spots on the skin.

It is a persistent disease and there are so many medicated treatments for white spots on the skin. Try to use herbal remedy instead of going towards antibiotics.

Vitiligo Treatment – Alternative Medicine

Mustard Oil and turmeric are helpful for vitiligo or lighter spots on the skin as mustard oil improve the immune system and turmeric have healing properties. Just take five teaspoons of turmeric powder and three teaspoons of mustard oil and applied to the affected area for one hour.

Follow it with turmeric milk and simply take a half teaspoon of turmeric powder and add it in one glass of warm milk.

Drink it at night before going to bed and get out of white spots (Vitiligo) on your skin.

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