Toothache Treatment

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My toothache made me so worried for about 2 months, I changed so many dentist but didn’t have any relief from this horrible pain. Every dentist said that you need to remove your teeth and i don’t want that.


Best Natural Remedy of Toothache Treatment – Alternative Medicine

Two days before my friend’s mother told me use tea tree essential oil for toothache this is the best pain medication for toothache.  It was just magic and i get relief from my toothache.

“simply take cotton piece and dip in two or three drops of tea tree oil and put it on your teeth and feel”

The magic in just 20 minutes and your tooth pain will completely gone.

You can also use tea tree oil as a mouthwash, just add 2 drops of tea tree oil in ½ cup of water and swish it around the mouth but don’t swallow, then spit the mixture and repeat the procedure again until the tea tree mouthwash finished.

But remember do not ingest tea tree oil, it has side effects if ingested like stomach problems and dizziness.

Toothache Treatment-Alternative Medicine Home Remedies

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