Sunscreen Lotion SPF

Sunscreen Lotion SPF

Now to make a sunscreen lotion at home is not so difficult with these ingredients.

SPF Protection – Alternative Medicine

Jojoba or Almond oil 8 oz
Emulsifying Wax 1 oz
Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide
Coconut Oil 2 oz
Note: Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide should not be inhaled.

Mix all the ingredients with silicone spatula and contain in airtight container or jar. Should use gloves for handling powdered products.

Different amounts of Zinc Oxide are required depending on what SPF you want.

For SPF 2-5: 5% Zinc Oxide
For SPF 6-11: 10% Zinc Oxide
For SPF 12-19: 15% Zinc Oxide
For SPF >20: 20% Zinc Oxide

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