Side Effects of Birth Control

Side Effects of Birth Control

Birth control is a way in which women and men use different ways to prevent pregnancy. There are different methods of birth control including Combination pill, Female and male condom, hormone-releasing patches, IUD, vasectomy, Extended-cycle pill, Diaphragm and vaginal ring.

Hormonal Contraception pills are ninety- nine percent effective and prevent from pregnancy. Women take birth control pills by mouth and on a daily basis.

Birth control pills stop from the ovulation in the woman’s body, means that the egg release from the ovary that man’s sperm fertilized stops developing in the woman’s uterus by the progestin and estrogen hormones present in the contraceptive pills.

Birth control pills made it complicated for the sperm to find the female egg by thickening the cervical mucus. They also make the lining of the uterus inhospitable for implantation and women do not conceive.

The effectiveness of the birth control pills is ninety-nine percent but they also have some side effects including, weight gain, lighter menstrual periods, swollen breasts, nausea, mood changes and spotting between periods. There are also negative effects of the birth control pills that lead to the serious diseases.

These negative side effects are varicose veins, blurred vision, chest pain and severe headaches. In this blog, you come to know about the

Herbal Remedy for Birth Control – Alternative Medicine

Rock salt is as effective as birth control pills and with no side effect. Rock salt prevents from the development of a fertilized egg and destroys the sperm before reaching the uterus.

“Simply rinse a piece of rock salt with sesame seed oil and put it in vagina for two minutes after five minutes of sex.”

You can also rinse your vagina with the mixture of rock salt and water.

Boil fifty grams of rock salt in two cups of water and wash the vaginal area with this warm water and rock salt mixture.

Side Effects of Birth Control

Side Effects of Birth Control

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