Nosebleeds Common in Children

Nosebleeds Common in Children

Epitasis is the medical name of nosebleeds. The nose of a human has many blood vessels, when the mucus secreting tissue that is inside the nose gets cracks, dries or crusts then it is probable to bleed.

There are many reasons behind nose bleeding including, dry air, high altitudes, deviated septum, sneezing, nose picking and blowing, sinusitis, trauma, upper respiratory infection and allergies.

Some people suffer with recurring nosebleeds, the best treatment for recurring nosebleed is the burning of bleeding point by an otolaryngologist, it is minor and harmless treatment and stop recurring bleeding immediately.

There are two types of nosebleed, anterior nosebleed and posterior nosebleed. In the anterior nose bleeding blood, appear from the front blood vessel of the nose and most common in children. However, in the posterior nose bleeding, blood flow from the artery in the back part of the nose and it is chronic nose bleeding and less common than anterior nose bleeding.

“An otolaryngologist can treat the complicated posterior nosebleed.”

What Causes Nosebleeds?

The main cause of posterior nosebleeds is a nasal surgery, leukemia, hypertension, calcium scarcity and contact with chemicals that may aggravate the mucous membrane.

Bloody Nose How To Stop – Alternative Medicine

The best way to treat an anterior nosebleed is the use of the daily home remedy instead of going towards the doctor and gets panic. The acidic quality of white vinegar will burn the inside part of the nose and immediately stops nose bleeding.

“Simply take a cotton ball then dip into white vinegar, put it in your nose and get relief from nose bleeding.”

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