Infertility Treatment Banyan Tree

Infertility Treatment Banyan Tree

The definition of infertility according to world web net “the state of being unable to produce offspring in a woman it is an inability to conceive in a man it is an inability to impregnate” after one or two years of regular and well-timed intercourse.

“Infertility classified into primary and secondary.”

Primary refers to being never become parents of your own child, where secondary refers to a condition that the infertile person had a child in the past but because of some emotional, physical or medical condition the infertile person is inhibiting fertility.

Sometimes the thyroid problem (hypothyroidism) leads toward infertility because in hypothyroidism the thyroid gland does not produce enough essential hormones.

The small levels of thyroid hormones can impede with the ovulation process.

“So there is link between hypothyroidism and infertility.”

It is an emotionally disturbing condition of women to experience. The infertile person feels anxiety, guilt, anger, frustration and depression. So try to cope and go towards counseling before starting any treatment.

Here, in this blog i am sharing my grandmother’s remedy and hopeful to share it with you that you will deal with infertility with natural ingredient.

What Is InFertility Treatment – Alternative Medicine

Banyan tree root is an effective remedy to treat female sterility if there is no biological defect found in women. Take the roots of a banyan tree and dried them in the shadow and make powder from it.

When the menstrual periods are overtake twenty grams of banyan tree root powder and mix it in one glass of milk and drink this mixture for three consecutive nights after monthly periods.

“But remember do not eat anything after drinking this mixture immediately.”

Use this remedy for six months and surely you will be expecting and come out of your infertility depression.

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