How to Increase Metabolism Naturally

How to Increase Metabolism Naturally

Metabolism is the rate of burning calories of the body. Fast metabolism helps in reducing weight fast. In the metabolic process, our bodies change our intakes into energy, in this process calorie from beverages and food combined with oxygen in order to liberate the energy that our bodies need to function properly.

There are several factors that decide metabolic rate include sex, activity level, age, hormone level, body size and genes.

The most useful way to increase metabolism is to modify your living standard. Eat protein rich food at breakfast, maintain your incline muscle mass, do exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, take supplements, get enough sleep, don’t starve and eat iron rich foods.

The best thing is to eat only what your body wants for functioning properly and try to take high metabolism foods that are low in calories, but have high nutritional values.

“These metabolism foods can fasten the metabolism level and helps in reducing weight.”

There are three metabolic types, the carbohydrate type, the protein type and the mixed type. In carbohydrate type, the ratio is twenty-five percent proteins and fifteen percent fat. The Protein type, the ratio is forty percent protein and thirty percent of carbohydrates and fats. In mixed type, you have to eat a mixture of carbohydrate type and protein type food.

It is miserable that someone who eats pizza full with cheeses three times a day and never gains weight while another one is so conscious about diet and still have not lost weight. It is all because of fast and high metabolism process, if you have fast metabolism then your calorie burns fast.

So the question is how to raise metabolism?

How To Get a Fast Metabolism – Alternative Medicine

Here you have a recipe of herbal tea to increase metabolism and lose weight, you will see the metabolism miracle with these simple ingredients and lose weight in just thirty days.

Herbal Tea

Cinnamon and ginger tea is helpful to improve metabolism. These herbs have the capability to produce heat energy. Cinnamon and ginger help to develop digestion and burn the fat.

“This tea will lower the levels of appetite and lose weight,”

simply take one pinch of cinnamon powder and half-inch piece of ginger and boil them in two glasses of water when water remains one glass then drink this tea early in the morning.

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