Honey and Olive Oil DIY Face Mask

Honey and Olive Oil DIY Face Mask

I have been using this honey face mask for several years and every time I do, it leaves my skin feeling silky soft and refreshed. Aspirin acts as an anti-inflammatory and can reduce redness (this is fabulous if you happen to have any blemishes) and also acts as aexfoliatent in this face mask. Honey is naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and olive oil softens and moisturizes your skin.

While a bit gooey and sticky, it does wonders for sensitive skin like mine. I use is once every couple of weeks when my face needs a pick-me-up.

As with any skin care thing, make you do a patch test to make sure you have no problems before smearing it all over your face.

Honey Face Mask – Alternative Medicine

You Will Need

2 tablets of aspirin
1/2-1 tbsp honey (preferably raw but use what you have)
1/2 tsp olive oil (adjust depending on if you want more or less moisture. In the winter I add the full 1/2 tsp because I want the extra moisture and in the summer I add a bit less)

Step One

“Put aspirin tablets in a small bowl and drip 4-5 drops of water on them to get them to soften.”

The key is to add enough water so that they break down but not too much or your face mask will be too runny. After about 2 minutes, smash the aspirin with the back of a spoon. If they are not soft yet, add another drop or two of water and just wait a bit longer.

Step Two

“Add in honey and olive oil and mix well.”

Smear mask all over your face in a thin layer (avoid putting it too close to the sensitive skin by your eyes). Don’t put it on too thick because the warmth of your face will soften the honey, and it will be drippy if you put too much on.

Leave mask on for about 20-30 minutes (until set).

Step Three

After 20-30 minutes, remove mask by getting it wet with warm water and gently rubbing in circular motions to let the gritty aspirin work its exfoliant power and remove any dead skin. Once all the sticky stuff if removed, rinse your face well with warm water and pat dry.

Follow with a moisturizer if desired. Enjoy glowing, soft and happy skin!

You can also customize this diy face mask by adding or subtracting ingredients. If you face is oily or it is summer, reduce the amount or leave out the olive oil.

Jojoba oil is also a great substitute for olive oil (add in just a few drops because a little goes a long way).

For extra probiotics (which are good for clarifying the skin and soothing skin irritations), add in a teaspoon or two of plain yogurt.

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