Bad Breath Halitosis Natural Remedy

Bad Breath Halitosis Natural Remedy


Are you also among those more than 80 million peoples who go through from Halitosis? If yes, then you come to the right place where you come to know the easy and fast natural remedy to treat your halitosis or bad breath.

Halitosis is an unpleasant breath that comes out from the bacteria that is present in our mouth.

The bad breath or halitosis is also caused through the decay of the left food particle, bad oral intake or the detritus present in the mouth. The detritus and the decay in the mouth produced the sulfur that produces the unpleasant odor.

The halitosis is also caused via gum infection, sinus infection, kidney infection, lung infection, smoking, diabetes, reflux disease, liver disease, dry mouth or xerostomia, chewing tobacco and other.

You can treat your halitosis through dentist and physicians, but I think the best way to treat your halitosis without any side effects of the medication is the use o natural remedy.

Here I am sharing with you five natural remedies to treat halitosis.

How to tread bad breath – Alternative Medicine


Fennel is the easiest thing that can be easily available in your kitchen cabinet to treat bad breath, Fennel has antimicrobial properties that help to kill the bacteria that is present in the mouth.


Make a fenugreek tea and get rid of bad breath.

Fenugreek is another great natural seed that helps to control the halitosis. Just take one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and boil it in one cup of water, and drink it, don’t forget to strain the fenugreek seeds from the tea.


Parsley is full of chlorophyll that helps to neutralize the unpleasant odor of the mouth.

Simply chew parsley whenever you feel bad breath or you can make a good mouth wash by adding parsley juice and vinegar in equal quantity and rinse your mouth with it.


Cinnamon is full of Cinnamic aldehyde that helps to control the halitosis and kill the bacteria that is present in the mouth. Simply make a cinnamon tea to get out if your bad breath, take one teaspoon of cinnamon and boil it with one clove in one cup of water, strain it and drink it daily once or twice a day.

Salt water

Salt water gargle is proven to be the best bad breath remedy.

Salt water helps to execute the bacteria from the mouth as well as bacteria of the throat and gives you refreshing breath throughout the day.

Bad Breath Halitosis Natural Remedy

Bad Breath Halitosis Natural Remedy

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