Gas and Bloating Relief

Gas and Bloating Relief

If you feel embarrassed because of your farting, belching, gas and bloating problem then now it is not a problem. Gas caused by air in your digestive tract and bloating is swelling or enlargement of the abdomen.

“These all are the cause of farting, toots, and belching.”

How To Reduce Bloated Stomach – Alternative Medicine

“Anise seed or fennel seed is best for gas and bloating problem.”

It has antispasmodic property and help in easing the digestive and intestinal problem and reduce the abdomen cramping. Anise seed contain fenchone and anethol compound that act as carminatives and prevent from gas.

Just eat a pinch of anise seed every morning before taking breakfast or eat at the time of gas and bloating and belching.

“You can also take anise seed or fennel seed tea.”

Simply take one tablespoon of fennel seed and take a boil with one cup of water, cool it and drink it and get rid of gassy moments of your life.

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