Gain Weight in 1 Month

Gain Weight in 1 Month

If you are also likely to me,mean crazy about gaining weight then try these easy home remedies for weight gain and no longer looks so lean.

Clarified butter

Take 1 tbsp of clarified butter with 1 tsp of sugar, you can eat this with bread or chapati.


Mango shake is best for gaining weight. Take mango shake 2 times a day daily for at least one full month.


Soak 7 figs and 5 raisins in plain water overnight and eat these raisins and figs in the morning for at least one month and see the visible result.


Eating Grilled or baked potatoes daily are also good in gaining weight.

Peanut Butter

Try to take bread with peanut butter daily in the breakfast.

Noodles and Pasta

Noodles and pasta are rich calorie food and easy to cook. Eat daily 1 bowl of pasta or noodle.


Eat cheese slice daily for good health and good skin also.


Take handful of mix nuts daily to gain weight fast.


Boil 5 almonds in 1 glass of milk and drink daily this almond milk for 1 month and see the visible result.


Vermicelli es are also good for gaining weight. Make vermicelli es with clarified butter and enjoy it.

Gain Weight in 1 Month

Gain Weight in 1 Month


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