Dry Socket Healing Time

Dry Socket Healing Time

My son has his tooth taken out two weeks ago and he has been in agony since that day because of dry socket. He has used so many pills but have not any relief from this horrible pain.

After the tooth is extracted, a clot of blood forms at the base of empty socket, when time goes on the bone and gum tissue form and fill in the socket, when tooth is replaced the blood clot is washed.

“A dry socket is formed when the clot is prematurely dislodged and start exposing the raw bone.”

The dentist clean the socket and fill the socket with medicated ointment that helps in healing but he need to go daily to our dentist for the dressing. But now we don’t need to go daily to dentist just use this simple and easy remedy and save money.

Dry Socket Pain Treatment – Alternative Medicine

“The clove oil has magical property to heal dry socket.”

Take half cup of olive oil and add fifteen drops of clove oil in it and applied directly with a gauze to your dry socket. Clove oil decreases the pain and has a healing property. Clove has topical anesthetic, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects and reduces the pain of dry socket.

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