Diarrhea Treatment Naturally

Diarrhea Treatment Naturally

Diarrhea is a medical state in which ordure is discharge from the bowels and in a liquor form. Diarrhea is sometimes cause by the virus and bacterial infectivity that enters into the body by unhygienic food and polluted water. The other causes of diarrhea are bowel disease, food allergies, diverticulitis, intake of antibiotics and chemotherapy medications.

“Dehydration is the main problem caused by diarrhea.”

If dehydration is severe then, it is dangerous and cause brain damage and even sometimes death. It is better to treat diarrhea with natural remedies than that of medications.

How to Treat Diarrhea -Alternative Medicine

Cumin seed is the best ingredient present in your kitchen shelf to treat diarrhea and give you relief from the abdominal pain.

Cumin seed is beneficial for fever, digestion, strengthen stomach muscles, heart disease, gas problem and vomiting.

“It has anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti epileptic and anti diabetic property.”

Cumin seed treats the intestinal diseases and hernia. Cumin seed is the best remedy to treat diarrhea as it has antiseptic property, just take half teaspoon of cumin seed and boil it in two glass of water when water remains half glass then drink one tablespoon of this mixture after every one hour.


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