How To Get Rid Blackheads Whiteheads


Blackheads also known as Comedo are the worst enemy of the skin. Some comedo are yellowish in colour and some are black in color. White or yellow colored called closed comedo and black colored called open comedo. Blackheads are the main cause of acne and blackhead convert into pimple if not treated.

Blackheads usually form after puberty when the level of hormones powerfully move upward and reach the outer layer of skin. They mostly appear on cheek, nose, chin, forehead, buttocks and loin. There are several circumstances and conditions that cause blackheads formation such as make up and use of oily products.

In this blog i am sharing the natural remedy of my grand mother to remove blackheads quickly. This remedy helps a lot to me and my family. This is egg white and lemon juice remedy. Egg white tighten the skin pore and they become smaller and lemon juice eliminate bacteria and oil from open and closed comedo.

Blackheads and Whiteheads Removal Mask

“Put an egg white in bowl and add one teaspoon of lemon juice, mix well until fluffy then apply it to face for thirty minutes.”

It feel like stiffness on face then wash off face with lukewarm water and feel glowing and lifting effect on face and all blackheads and whiteheads are gone.

How To Get Rid Blackheads Whiteheads

Blackheads and Whiteheads Removal

Blackheads and Whiteheads Removal

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