Bed Bug Bites Treatment Naturally

Bed Bug Bites Treatment Naturally

Bed bugs commonly found in office buildings, theaters, transportation and laundries.

“They live mostly in suitcases, bedding, furniture items or clothing.”

They can also present in suitcases or other things that we moved from hotel to home. Bedbugs look like a black or brown flat oval disk and approximately three fourth inches long in size. Bed bugs can move over walls, floors and ceiling. Female bedbug can lay a hundred of eggs at a time.

Bedbugs do not live in any nest, but live in hiding places like the frames and mattresses of the bed, hard boards and box springs. Bed Bugs have become active at night and bite on any area of skin while we sleep and suck our blood. The neck, hands, face and arms are the main infested areas for bedbug’s bites.

“The common signs of bed bug biting are redness, itching and small raised bumps on the skin.”

Bedbug bites cannot easily recognize it may be attributed the mosquitoes and fleabites. It is difficult to see the signs of the bed bug biting. Bedbugs have glands that exude musty odor so can be recognized by their smell or bed bugs leave some dark blood spots and fecal spots on bed covers, couches, furniture and box spring. Sometimes bed bugs leave their outer shell on mattress and bed sheets.

Treat Bed Bug Bites Naturally – Alternative Medicine

It is better to treat bed bug bite naturally before the bite becomes an allergy.

“Do not let the bed bug bites untreated.”

Baking soda is the best for bed bug bites simply make a paste of baking soda with water then apply directly to the infected area and leave for twenty minutes, after that wash it off with tap water. Baking soda quickly heals the infection and reduces the inflammation and itching.

Bed Bug Bites Treatment Naturally

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