Banana Peel Uses

Banana Peel Uses

Stop throwing the banana peel into the dustbin, here i am seeing so mad to stop you throwing banana peel but just read this to know its benefits.And i know after reading this you will definitely save the banana peel. oh!! but not in the locker.

1. For Acne:
massage banana peels on pimples for 15 minutes after that wash out your face with cold water. Keep applying the peels till the acne disappears.

2. For Wrinkle:
Add mashed banana peel and egg yolk. Apply this mixture on face and leave it for 20min. Wash off with lukewarm water.

3. For Pain:
Apply the banana peel on the painful area. Leave it for 40 minutes or till the pain is completely gone.

4. For Mosquito Bite:
Simply massage the peel on the mosquito bites and get relax from the itching and mark.

5. As a replacement of shoe polish:
Just rub the banana peel on your shoe and see the sparkling shine on your shoe.

6: For the Glow of the teeth:
Simply rub the banana peel on your teeth for 5 min and get shiny and sparkling teeth with no cost.

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