Baldness Cure Natural Way

Baldness Cure Natural Way

Thick hairs are sign of good health and nourishment you provide to hairs.

But nowadays baldness is becoming the common problem among men and women both.

There are so many factors behind baldness such as poor diet, aging, smoking, hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution, infection of scalp, excessive use of shampoos and conditioners, genetic factor, thyroid problem, anemia, flu, and autoimmune diseases.

There are approximately hundred thousand hair strands on scalp and it is normal to lose hundred hair strands a day.

How To Stop Balding – Alternative Medicine

There are so many natural remedies that work for baldness but i think onion juice do wonders for the re-growth of new hairs.

Onion has sulfur that helps to treat hair loss problem and improve the blood circulation to hair follicles. The onion juice has anti bacterial property due to which all the bacteria and germs of scalp killed.

“Just take juice of two onions and mix with two tablespoon of aloe Vera gel and mix well.”

Apply to the scalp for about twenty minutes and then wash it off with the regular shampoo you used.

Do this treatment twice a week.

Onion juice helps to reduce the inflammation and improve the collagen level that is necessary for healthy hair.

Baldness Cure Natural Way

Baldness Cure Natural Way

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