Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

It is a common condition to feel restless when facing a stressful situation, such as an assessment, first date, conference, or a reunion and when this stress devastating your personal relationships and daily activities, then you becoming a victim of an anxiety disorder.

There are some signs of an anxiety that shows you are suffering from anxiety disorder such as tension, fears and dangers, restlessness, need loneliness, disruptive thoughts and intrusive feelings.

Anxiety involves physical symptoms because our whole body response to anxiety include insomnia, sweating, nightmares, fatigue, diarrhea, dry mouth, dizziness, hyperventilation, muscle tension, headache , stomach cramps and pounding heart.

The main causes of anxiety are stress from the death of near one, stress from personal relationships, stress from school, financial problem, medical illness, and side effects of illicit drugs and lack of confidence.

Best Way To Treat Anxiety Disorder – Alternative Medicine

There are many treatments to treat anxiety such as medical treatments, self-treatment, yoga, meditation and counseling, but it is better to stop anxiety disorder naturally by using the daily home remedies.

“Lavender has calming and comforting properties and relieves sadness.”

Lavender is the useful herb for treating anxiety and melancholy. It is used as internally and through aromatherapy, it has anticonvulsant, antifungal, calming and antiseptic properties.

Simply put two drops of lavender oil into two cups of boiling water and take steam from this water. You can also add two drops of lavender oil in half cup of olive oil and massage throb point on your body.

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